Learning to disolve the cords of attachment

I opened my eyes on this beautiful morning with some thoughts. And decided to share with my amazing friends. My first reaction was like anyone else I'm sure. It was to reach for my phone to see what I possibly could of missed while I was asleep. Then I stopped myself and thought. I just woke up I feel great the birds are chirping the precious faces of our fur babies all around me just wanting their morning cuddles and kisses. I decided to enjoy the moment take it all in and appreciate my blessings.

 This blog is pretty much just a seed dropping for all my beautiful friends. Scrolling has a hipnotic effect on our brain it is designed for that reason. Did I really want memes and quotes to take away my precious time? The question is why do we feel the need to overload our brain with this information or mis-information?  Images? how many likes did I get? or comparing ourselves to others?  Like yourself!! LOVE yourself!!! That is what matters..Changing routine or habit is possible. Wake up and see all the beauty that surrounds  you nature your family, friends your fur babies. Sitting with yourself without constant stimulation is powerful. I promise you will feel the freedom of disolving those cords that keep us attached to being detached.

Be kind to animals and eat your veggies.....









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